Solar PV Electricity

Australia is blessed with abundant free energy from the sun, 365 days of the year. Why not use it to power your home?


If your sick of skyrocketing power bills, installing Solar is the only option to reduce you power consumption and still enjoy life at home or reduce your businesses running costs.



Through the STC program you can save up to $3000 on your system, enquire for more details.


Victorian Government rebate 2018

A new rebate onto top of others was introduced by Victorian government in 2018, up to $2200 can be claimed after installation. Visit this site for more information www.solar.vic.gov.au


Installing Solar pays for itself a lot quicker than you think.



This will depend on your usage. As a guide 1kw of solar facing North will make about 3.5 kw of electricity per day, so a 5.4 kw system would make 18.9 kw of electricity on average per day, or 6898 kw per year. If you multiply that by .20 cent = $1379 savings per year, the .20 cents is based on the fact that some power is consumed and some fed to grid.


We can explain this with a free measure and quote, also looking at your usage and make a suggestion on what size is best for you.


Using the power you make is the best saving, because most people are paying about .33 cents a kw for their power. Surplus power is fed to the grid, for about 10 cents a kw, a new premium 29 cents is now available for power fed to grid after 3 pm.


Most people will get return on their investment into solar of at least 18% a year.



We only sell leading brands, and quality products, usually using Fronius inverters they are made in Europe and have a 10 year warranty.



Fronius are here in Australia and have been in business since 1945.


Other brands also available


We have been using Suntech solar panel and have found them very good, with not problems. They are a leading brand with 12 years warranty and 20 years warranty on performance. Other brands also available.



We give a 5 Year warranty on our workmanship, product warranty comes from manufactures, this is where its important to use leading manufactures.



We provide free measure and quote, listen to your needs and answer any questions you may have. Being local we are here for you after installation, solving any problems that may arise. All systems sold come with a comprehensive owners manual with instructions, wiring diagrams and compliance certificates. We also submit all paperwork to your energy provider promptly for you.