Solar Hot Water

Bosch are proud to introduce the newly updated model of the Compress 3000 hot water heat pump. The Bosch Compress 3000 hot water heat pump is now more energy efficient than ever using up to 65% less energy compared to an electric storage hot water system. The Compress 3000 can now operate down to -7°C providing you with energy efficient hot water even when it is freezing outside! The Compress 3000 also features a ‘smart controller’, which includes programming and error code functions – making it easier to use and service. Suitable for 3-4 people.


For a family of two adults and two kids, you’ll typically save up to 65% of your hot water costs or around $500 per year, if you switch from electric element or LPG gas water heating to the Bosch Compress 3000, savings that will increase as the cost of electricity rises.

The Bosch unit is a heat pump type unit and derives its heat from the atmosphere, providing very low running costs all year round. No panels need to be fitted to your roof, shading or lack of sun is not a problem and doesn’t affect the operation of the unit.



Through the STC and VEEC’s programs you can save up to $1400 on a new Bosch unit, when replacing an electric hot water system. Enquire for more details.


Victorian Government rebate 2018
A new rebate onto top of others was introduced by Victorian government in 2018, up to an extra $1000 can be claimed after installation.
Visit this site for more information www.solar.vic.gov.au


Your new Bosch hot water unit comes with 2 Years Parts and labour warranty, 5 Years warranty on the tank. You will also receive 6 years plumbers warranty on installation.


We will provide a free quote and explain how these units work.