Reboot Daikin Home / Reboot Daikin

If your Daikin air conditioner has stopped working for some reasons, here is some things to try.

Firstly if its winter and the outside temperature is very low, your system will need to stop and deice the out door unit, if indoor unit stops don’t touch controls or change settings, leave unit on and wait it will start up again and continue as before.

Sometimes storms and power interruptions will cause your unit to stop working the following steps will get you going again.

1. Go to out door unit, beside it there should be switch or plug, turn this off and wait 10 minuets. Then turn on again.


If you can’t see switch or plug, go to your homes switchboard or fuse box, here there should be a circuit breaker labelled AIR CON turn this off and wait 10 minuets then tun back on.


If you have more than one AIR CON breaker turn all off then on.

2. Go to indoor unit or wall controller, if not already on, switch on then don’t touch anything for at least 20 minuets, if after this your system fails to start please call us on 1800 650 369 or Mobile 0418 333 439.