Air Conditioning Solutions

SPLIT SYSTEM AIR CONDITIONERS consist of an inside unit and outdoor unit, leaving your home free of vibration and noise. Because of their efficiency, quiet running, many features, and different configurations available, they are the most common type we sell.


A MULTI SPLIT SYSTEM is a way of having a number of indoor units in various rooms and only one out side unit. This can be an attractive alternative.


DUCTED AIR CONDITIONING is also available if you want cooling and heating through many rooms of your home, leaving very little to see or hear. We usually suggest zoning this type of system so you can turn off areas not being used.


REVERSE CYCLE is the most widely used. This means your air conditioner will do two jobs for the price of one: cooling in summer as well as keeping you warm during the winter months, with very economical running costs.


I can also advise you on per hour running of any unit we sell.


INVERTER TYPE Air conditioners are more powerful and energy efficient than conventional non-inverter models.
A Daikin inverter has a far more advanced technology, it works like the accelerator of a car, gently increasing or decreasing power to suit prevailing conditions.
It reaches the desired temperature quicker, and steadily maintains it without wild fluctuations. That means uninterrupted comfort and significant savings on running costs. Daikin inverter models are also very reliable in extremes of temperature. It is certified to operate with temperatures up to 46 degrees or as low as minus 15 degrees.


Daikin’s 5 year comprehensive parts and labour warranty applies to all systems installed to your home, coupled with our prompt service and 6 year plumbers warranty on the installation. You are well and truly covered, and can enjoy piece of mind on your investment .


All air conditioning installation come with fully 6 years warranty on workmanship and parts used.


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